About Us

This is Susan and Collin Jeffery; owners of Bridgetown Dorper Stud.

Collin is the current President of the Western Region of the Dorper Sheep Society of Australia and is one of two representatives for the Region on the National Board of Management.

Flock number D018

Brucellosis Free Ovac Number 337

OJD : we are engaged in the SheepMAP (Market Assurance Program) and have Flock status MN1V which gives us an ABC score 6. All of our stock are now vaccinated against OJD.

We have been members of Lambplan for several years and use the Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs).

We are amongst the founder members of the Dorper Sheep Society of Australia Inc. and use the Authorised Inspectors to class our sheep to the internationally recognised Breed Standards.

This is a short video that shows The Croft on an Autumn morning followed by the same view that evening with the ewes and lambs gathering before nightfall.

We are situated near Bridgetown in the heart of the South West of Western Australia where we have been developing our Dorper flock since 1997.

Initially we purchased pregnancies from SAABCO and later some ewes.

We ran a flock of cross bred ewes in parallel with the pedigree Dorper flock.

Once we had suitable ewes of our own we engaged in ET programs which continued annually for many years in order to build up a base of quality ewes. We purchased semen from leading studs around Australia and have a diverse backgrounding for our flock.

The cross bred flock was continually upgraded until about two years ago we sold off all the upgraded ewes and now concentrate on the pedigree Dorpers alone.

We use the tools of Breed Standards inspections coupled with Lambplan to continually improve our stock and support the concept of “Dorper 2020” that requires our sale animals to present current data from Lambplan together with recent classing details.

If you double click on the link below and Ctrl+click on one of the next links; you should download a map with directions from Bridgetown out to the Bridgetown Dorper Stud. What this map doesn’t show you is that once you have reached Winnejup Road you go 4.5km down, from the Boyup Brook Road and you will find us on your right.
There is a Bridgetown Dorper Stud sign in the paddock and our names JC & SD Jeffery on the gate.
Directions from Bridgetown to Dorper Stud