Our Breeding Philosophy


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The “Dry Sheep Equivalent” (DSE) for our area is considered to be 10 which equates to roughly 4 sheep per acre.

Our small acreage lends itself perfectly to running a stud sheep operation.

We are continually refining our breed management techniques to produce sheep to the highest specification.

Our flock is bred to meet the International Breed Standards and we retain only the highest quality ewes to use with rams with only the best genetics. Click to download breed standards.

Full double pedigrees are kept with for each sheep and we can provide Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) Read more through the Lambplan system.

The theory of the Lambplan system is, we believe, sound, but the practice is questionable and corruptible.

Over the years we have been advocates for the use of Lambplan; however, we are now of the opinion that we have been wasting considerable time and money through using the system.

Our ewe flock is run on a “self-replacing” basis with the goal of a flock of 200 ewes that are of Elite quality.

Our breeding flock will meet the Type 5 specifications of the International Breed Standards and will be retained only if their objectively measured traits meet our requirements of continuous improvement.

We believe that our job, as seedstock providers, is to continually improve our flock.

By ensuring that we do this our clients can confidently buy from us in the knowledge that the stock they buy will continue to improve their sheep without particular effort on their own part.